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20/03/2019 News

KIA Recommends Total Fuel to its Drivers


Kia offers its customers additional warranty on spare parts related to the fuel system in cooperation with Total

KIA DRIVERS to it’s customers

In cooperation with Total Jordan, KIA Jordan has provided an extended warranty to its new customers which covers gasoline spare parts, provided they are committed to filling their fuel tanks from Total stations exclusively.

This warranty, which is covered by Al-Quds Insurance Company - the leading provider of innovative and exclusive insurance solutions - includes all new Kia vehicles, provided that customers are committed to filling gasoline exclusively from Total stations and perform all maintenance of the vehicle solely at the Kia Agency. The warranty covers the following fuel components: fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injector, sparkplugs and catalyzer in the event of a malfunction due to gasoline prior to the spare parts’ life expectancy.

This initiative was launched by Kia to provide exceptional services to its customers, especially in the field of after sales services, guaranteeing a smooth driving experience via Total’s high-quality, metal-free gasoline which meets international specifications and is available at all Total stations in the kingdom.

This initiative is the result of the high confidence The Arab National Car Company - Kia Jordan, has in Total’s products as it (Total) provides excellent services and products at all levels, including gasoline, which is characterized by its no metal content and high density, which results the best fuel economy, in addition to the preventive measures Total takes to ensure safe and separate storage of its gasoline to maintain and ensure the high quality level.

"This initiative reflects Kia Jordan's commitment to protecting our customers and guiding them to use the most qualified products for their vehicles, including Total’s gasoline, which we recommend to all our customers to use to ensure the safety of the fuel system in their vehicles, as well as Total’s lubricants which are adopted by Kia on an international lever and are used in all of our service centers" said Mohammed Alian, CEO of Kia Jordan.

In addition, Emad Marar, General manager of Jerusalem Insurance comments; " "We are very pleased with our partnership with the two companies, which reflects our high confidence and deep belief in the quality of the products and services of these companies, hoping that this cooperation will be fruitful for the benefit of all parties, especially the owners of the vehicles. "

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