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Aviation Lubricants and Airplane Fuel

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Total, under the brand AIR TOTAL has specialized its Aviation business in marketing and supplying jet fuels and aviation gasolines for over 50 years.
Its aim’s to satisfy its customers by supplying them high-quality Aviation fuel under the most stringent Safety & Environmental standards as well as provide service requirements of Aviation customers like Air Total Refueling cards, etc. at the major international and regional airports. AIR TOTAL is one of the founder members of JIG standards

AIR TOTAL’s leadership status in Europe and Africa gives it a strategic position in the aviation market, guaranteeing its customers a worldwide network at more than 250 international airports in 75 countries on 5 continents.

Aviation Lubricants - Aircraft safety and performance

With its AERO and NYCO Aviation ranges, Total Lubricants has a complete array of lubricants for aircraft used in both general and civil aviation. All products meet international specifications. Total Lubricants distributes NYCO Aviation products.