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TOTAL Lubrifiants has a complete range of products entirely dedicated to agricultural machinery and vehicles. We provide reliable, practical and economic solutions for the demands of this round-the-clock business sector. Whether you sell agricultural vehicles or are part of a farming cooperative, we have the lubricants to keep your engines running. Our products meet all of your equipment's requirements; you'll find what you need in TOTAL Lubrifiants' product ranges.

Our lubricants draw on the latest technological developments to help you maximize efficiency and profits, and keep up with the demands of the agricultural sector. TOTAL Lubrifiants' range of products for agriculture includes lubricants for use in engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems, as well as multi-function lubricants.

We take care of all your lubricant needs, offering oils that are formulated for applications specific to agriculture, such as:

  • mechanized farming equipment,
  • milking machines,
  • saw chains.

Our agricultural sector products cover all of your lubricant needs:

The TRACTAGRI range - lubricants for engines

A low SAPS lubricant specially developed for agricultural machinery engines with or without diesel particulates filters.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Weather-resistant with high thermal stability ensuring good lubrication of hot engine pieces, especially during long periods of use
- Enables fuel savings
- Specially recommended for recent technology engines that meet the latest EURO Phase IIIb or US EPA TIER 4 interim pollution standards

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The DYNATRANS range - lubricants for transmissions

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A high-performance lubricant based on synthetics technology and specifically suitable for earthmoving equipment machinery axles and tractor transmissions.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Suitable for various types of earthmoving and agricultural equipment, reducing the total number of different lubricants you require
- Reduces friction, which generates fuel economies
- Excellent behavior at very low and very high temperatures, lowering risk of sticking and slippage and reducing noise
- Extends lifetime of equipment parts
- Improved lubricant durability

DYNATRANS PBV - for UTTO transmissionsA lubricant for transmissions fitted with oil-immersed disk brakes and hydraulic systems on agricultural tractors. It is ideal for a wide range of uses.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Special friction coefficient for brakes and immersed clutch plates
- Very good stability during operation
- Great shear resistance
- Outstanding protection against wear

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BIOTRANS FX - for UTTO transmissions
An ultra-high quality, synthetic, biodegrable and anti-wear lubricant for transmissions fitted with oil-immersed disk brakes on agricultural machines.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Very high viscosity index enabling use at a wide range of temperatures
- High shear and oxidation resistance
- Biodegradable, and good compatibility with the elastomers currently used in hydraulic circuits

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The HYDRAULIC range - lubricants for hydraulic systems

This lubricant is specially designed for hydrostatic and hydraulic systems exposed to great variations in temperature. It ensures optimal and lasting operation of mechanical components.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Very high viscosity index enabling very regular operation and easy startup at all temperatures
- Very high shear resistance
- Perfect neutrality relative to gaskets

HYDRAGRI 32-46-68  
This lubricant is specially designed for hydraulic systems operating under normal temperature and pressure conditions. Guarantees proper operation of hydraulic systems.

The benefits for you and your customers
- High viscosity index enabling very regular operation and easy start-up at all temperatures
- Low pour point enabling use at ultra-low temperatures
- Neutrality relative to gaskets

An Ecolabel-certified biodegradable hydraulic fluid with high thermal stability and great lubricating properties.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Very stable viscosity level ensures optimum hydraulic efficiency
- Excellent lubrication properties for protection against corrosion, extending component life of hydraulic systems
- Low foaming technology and fast air release limit air contamination in the circuit
- Excellent oxidation stability allowing for extended drain intervals compared to other hydraulic fluids

BIOHYDRAN TMP 32-46-68-100
This is a high-quality biodegradable synthetic hydraulic lubricant for installations and materials operating under severe conditions. It carried the prestigious Ecolabel, and we strongly recommend it when there is a risk of contamination of waters, forests and other natural environments.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Very high natural viscosity index
- Excellent mechanical shear resistance
- Perfect compatibility with elastomers

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The MULTAGRI range - multifunctional lubricants

This is a last-generation multi-purpose lubricant of ultra-high performance for the lubrication of the mechanical components of tractors, agricultural machinery and related equipment in all seasons. It is ideal for harmonizing maintenance of all agricultural equipment, even the most recent.

The benefits for you and your customers
- Outstanding wear resistance
- Optimized maintenance programs
- Remarkable detergency and dispersive properties

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Lubricants for special applications

Are you in the agricultural sector? TOTAL lubrifiants knows all about your oil needs and is here to assist you