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By selecting from TOTAL Lubrifiants' extensive range of products, you send a strong message to your customers: your business does not compromise on quality when caring for its vehicles and equipment, whether they belong to your fleet or your customers. Our range of products covers your needs, from automotive to agriculture.


TOTAL Lubrifiants' high-performance TOTAL and ELF brand ranges offer you just the right product, whether you're a single- or multi-manufacturer dealership or garage.
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TOTAL Lubrifiants' oils keep you ahead of the curve... and keep your customers coming back for more. Our TOTAL and ELF brand products meet the requirements of all types of two-wheelers and engines, and for all kinds of use.

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Truck, bus and coach

Whether you manage a fleet of heavy-duty vehicles or sell them, TOTAL Lubrifiants is the ideal partner to help keep your trucks, buses and coaches in excellent shape. Reap the benefits of our products, from enhancing fuel economies to reducing vehicle downtime.
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Earthmoving equipment

As a vehicle manufacturer, a contractor, or an earthmoving professional, you seek lubricants that enable your equipment to perform at the highest level. We custom-design oils to enhance and protect the engines that you and your clients rely on daily.
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Agriculture vehicles

TOTAL Lubrifiants has a complete range of products entirely dedicated to agricultural machinery and vehicles. We provide reliable, practical and economic solutions for the demands of this round-the-clock business sector.
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Coastal and inland vessels

Your vessels require lubricants that facilitate optimal performance, no matter what they're up against. Whether you have an entire fleet of boats or a single model, TOTAL Lubrifiants has the oils to maintain your fishing, coastal and inland marine vessels' longevity.
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Looking for TOTAL or ELF lubricants? Here's how and where to find the products that are right for you.
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