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Amman, Jordan – June, 2016: Total Jordan has installed solar panels in three of its service stations as part of the Total Group´s support for the Kingdom of Jordan´s Renewable Energy Strategy, and its own larger targets for the solar and renewable energy sectors in Jordan.

Total Jordan installed the solar panels in its 3 stations at Mogabalian, Gardens and Sport City. Adil Ouriaghli, the Managing Director of Total Jordan, stated, “Total is the world’s second largest solar player and Total Group’s affiliate SunPower produces the world’s most efficient photovoltaic panels using its latest solar cell technology. In Jordan, we are taking part in the Kingdom’s Renewable Energy Strategy by innovating within our service stations by installing photovoltaic solar  panels that provide more 70 percent of the energy requirements of the stations.”


Job fair


Total Jordan, participated in the career fair of one of the region’s leading teaching and research centers, the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), on May 3, 2016. Total attended the fair for the third consecutive year, as part of an official agreement signed between Total Jordan and JUST. The event, which took place at the JUST campus for an entire day, gave Total the opportunity to answer queries about its business and receive curriculum vitas from numerous students seeking to pursue careers with the company. Potential talents were able to engage the Total team in Q&A sessions, as well as explore internship and employment prospects. Students were able to take part in on-site interviews, offering them the ability to explore the numerous avenues through which they can develop their future careers. In addition, JUST awarded Total Jordan a trophy of appreciation for the company’s commitment to, and support for, the university.




Total Jordan, the Greater Amman Municipality and the Jordan Traffic Institute launched a public awareness campaign called “Your Safety is Important to Us,” which urges the local community to wear their seatbelts and stop using their mobile phones while driving. The campaign was spurred by astonishing numbers; last year, there were 608 deaths caused by the misuse of mobile phones while driving or not using seatbelts. On average, seatbelts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about 50 to 70 percent each year, while the use of mobile phones while driving compounds the risk of traffic accidents by four to five times.



Total Teams up with Red Bull Racing Jordan for F1 event

Maintaining a leading position in the world of racing and motorsports, Total has played a vital role in Formula 1 events, providing the world-class lubricants that are used by Red Bull Racing vehicles the world’s highest class of single-seat auto racing. This cooperation comes as part of Total and Red Bull’s ongoing International partnership, under which the two parties have historically collaborated on the goal of utilizing effective products on the F1 track.

 As such, Total teamed up with Red Bull Racing to present the Red Bull F1 Showrun Jordan, which kicked off at the Dead Sea on April 22 under the patronage of Prince Faisal bin al Hussein. This was an adrenaline-fueled show that included a performance by the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car, an appearance by the Royal Falcons and the renowned stuntman Rok Bagoros.



Partnership between Total Jordan and Al Wataneyyeh Fuel Company

Total Jordan organized an event to mark the strength of its partnership with Al Wataneyyah Fuel Company. The event was a testament to the continued growth of the partnership between the two entities.

Clients of both companies will benefit from numerous advantages as a direct result of the partnership, including the highest service standards, innovation, distinctive operation management services, safety standards, in addition to TOTAL’s various offerings such as supplying fuel products, lubricants and TOTAL prepaid cards.


Total Drivers Event


Total Jordan Honors its Distinguished Drivers Promotes Excellence

Total Jordan held an awards ceremony to honor around 120 Jordanian drivers working in the company in a show of appreciation for their continuous efforts, excellence and efficiency. 


Dubai Trip

Total Jordan Rewards Top Partners with Educational Trip to Dubai
Furthering its mission to encourage and reward its most distinguished employees and partners, Total Jordan, recently organized a trip for 23 winners to Total lubricants blending, Jabal al Ali  in Dubai and they witnessed the facility’s advanced techniques.
The trip was organized following the launch of Quality Charter Program, which laid out a list of guidelines regarding the joint commitment by TOTAL and its partners to provide customers with the highest standards of service. 




Total Sponsors EDAMA Power Meeting entitled "Green Initiatives and Future Projects for Municipalities."

Total Jordan is taking part in the Kingdom’s Renewable Energy Strategy by innovating within our service stations, with photovoltaic solar energy panels providing 70% of their energy requirements”. 




Total Jordan Signs Agreement with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to Coordinate Import Diesel
Total Jordan formalized its agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, by which the affiliate will commence coordination and import of diesel into the Jordanian market.
The affiliate plays a main role alongside the government in coordinating imports with all concerned companies as part of the strategy to liberalize the oil derivatives market in the Kingdom.


  Playground renovation

Total Jordan Inaugurates Children’s Park Following Completion of Renovations
As part of our commitment to raising the Kingdom’s social standards and ensuring children a bright future, Total Jordan has renovated one of Amman’s public parks. The inauguration ceremony was held on Wednesday, October 1st and welcomed a number of guests which included public figures and members of the press.
The renovation project included upgrading the park’s facilities and enhancing all its playing area; old playground units were renovated and an additional one was installed, benches were recoated with paint and a protective layer of gloss. Total Jordan has also decorated a small garden to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for children.
Renovations also included revamping of the basket basketball and football fields all branded by Total, in addition to repairing fences bordering basketball courts to ensure the safety of all park visitors.





Image Iftar Orphans 2014

Total Jordan Sponsors a Ramadan Iftar for Orphans at The Children’s Museum
Coinciding with our Corporate Social Responsibility and efforts to support the local community, Total Jordan has sponsored an Iftar gathering for 200 underprivileged orphans at The Children’s Museum. The event took place on the 7th of July and included the children’s free tour of the museum hence, giving them the chance to participate in its various interactive and educational activities.




Total Jordan’s Partnership with Ministry of Labour Seeks to Facilitate New Employment Opportunities

Following up on an agreement signed between Total Jordan and the Ministry of Labour in December 2013, Total Jordan has reiterated its commitment to hiring more locals in place of expatriates.

The agreement is in line with Total Jordan’s efforts to improve working conditions as well as provide employment opportunities for Jordanians; the success of which can be seen in the Oil and Gas Company’s low employee turnover rate.

Total Jordan realizes the great importance of investing in its employees, thus it introduces training courses that ensure participants adhere to the highest standards of safety as well as other skills that guarantee their productivity. 

Due to Total Jordan’s dedicated efforts, 91 percent of all employees at Total Jordan stations are Jordanians while the aim is to reach 100 percent in the foreseeable future.