T-Air service stations

T-Air service stations

T-air station service

A major player in the fuel distribution sector, Total is proud to unveil its new service station concept. A new-look station, an ultra-modern design and a warm welcome, providing you with the highest level of service and easy access to our broad range of products!

The Group’s objective is to reinforce its network identity with a resolutely contemporary image, installations that are more energy-efficient and sales outlets that are more discreet, blending harmoniously into their environment.

A key factor for visibility and growth, this new international identity is hinged around a set of standards that harmonize the look of service stations. Messages specific to each site, yet coherent internationally, are displayed at various locations in and around the stations.

Reflecting the Group’s determination to contribute to local development and establish long-term roots, the Group’s stated objective is to have 5,000 service stations in its Africa/Middle-East network. It will take five years to adapt the network to the new identity, representing a considerable investment.

In countries where Total is present, the Group is perceived as a long-standing player. To consolidate its position as market leader, Total wanted to take customers by surprise with contemporary solutions. The new identity given to its service stations fits squarely with this innovative drive. And there have been some notable successes already: customers have been flocking to “name of station” in “town” in “country” since it opened. The quality of the welcome and clearer product and service identification characterize the new-look stations, which give priority to customer comfort and safety. In addition, with low-energy buildings, fitting more seamlessly into their environment, the new service stations reflect Total’s commitment to sustainable development.

On December 16, 2012, Total Jordan unveiled its first T-air service-station at the Irbid-Bus Park, which is the third service-station of Total Jordan in Irbid, the second biggest city in Jordan.

Total Jordan will gradually roll out the new design in 2013 and 2014 at all of its service stations as part of its aim to strengthen its network’s identity with a more contemporary image and more energy efficient installations.

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